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Simix Cleaners, Degreasers, and Sealants prevent viruses and germs from sticking around.  
Simix-treated surfaces stay clean, day in and day out, to keep you safe.

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Simix Stops the spread of Viruses and Germs

​Simix fights and destroys coronaviruses and norovirus by sanitizing surfaces and leaving a safe, permanent, high pH. A surface with a high pH is hostile to microbes and viruses.

Stop the Spread with Simix

Traditional liquid cleaners leave a sticky residue that becomes a feeding ground for bacteria and germs. Backpacks, purses, and other items that hit the floor pick up viruses and spread them around.

Simix can break this chain of infection, and keep staff, customers, patients, and students safe.​​
simix virus protection
simix multi-surface kitchen degreaser

Simix Multi-Surface Kitchen Degreaser

Simix Multi-Surface Kitchen Degreaser cleans virtually any surface, from floors to walls to stainless steel and countertops.

Simix Multi-Surface Degreaser leaves behind a safe, sanitized, high pH surfaces that destroys viruses including coronavirus.
Simix Multi-Surface Degreaser is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free.


Save time and money with Simix Ceramic Coatings and Degreaser for virtually all floor types. Simix-coated floors are less slippery and easier to keep clean. Never strip again. Never burnish agian.
restaurant cleaner


Simix Multi-Surface Kitchen Degreaser is an easy, safe and effective way to clean and sanitize commercial kitchen surfaces. It also helps keep grease traps flowing. Degreaser can be used to clean all interior surfaces.
tile roof cleaning


Simix will extend the life of your concrete and pavers while fighting grease and oil stains. Simix also helps air conditioners last longer and operate more efficiently. And Simix makes it easy to keep your roof clean.

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Ashley Engle
Ashley Engle
19:50 09 Feb 21
This product has been amazing for my office! It leaves everything very clean. I would highly recommend it to anyone.
Sharon Horbyk
Sharon Horbyk
15:37 08 Feb 21
Simix is the best cleaner I've found for cleaning my entire Utility Room, Bathrooms and Kitchen. On my first attempt,... I couldn't believe the amount needed to mix in the spray bottle was so small, so I added too much product! It really does clean like they say it does, so follow the instructions closely! It was especially good at cleaning the grime that builds up on top of the baseboards and in corners in the Utility Room. Definitely recommend Simix!read more
Chuck Sherman
Chuck Sherman
01:49 21 Dec 20
I have put this ceramic coating on two motorcycles. Wow is all I can say about how easy they are to keep clean. Bugs... don’t stick at all. I just use a wet microfiber cloth wipes they right off then dry with another one. Unbelievable how it shines more
Kent Kirkwood
Kent Kirkwood
21:26 23 Oct 20
SIMPLY AMAZING RESULTS!!! The Simix Multi Surface Cleaner was recently applied to our main entrance sign at Lenoir... Woods. Not only did it remove years of oxidation and staining, but now the entrance looks brand new! Our entrance is the first impression to those visiting our community, and this product brought back its beauty! After cleaning, the Ceramic Concrete Coating was applied. We now know this exceptional sealing product will protect and keep our entrance looking like new for years to come! Dave Griggs and his professional team were wonderful to work with on our project. Thanks, Dave, for bringing back the luster to our entrance! Kent Kirkwood, Executive Director, Lenoir more
Ed Camp
Ed Camp
20:20 23 Oct 20
I enjoyed the ease of shinning my car with the SIMIX ceramic coating. The car just gleams. Shortly after shinning my... car I was on the highway and it began to rain, as it stopped raining by the time I got home and looked at the car, it was dry and no rain drops could be found. A GREAT COATING FOR YOUR CAR!!!read more
Barbara Duggan
Barbara Duggan
14:32 21 Sep 20
When we first started using Simix almost a year ago, it was just to do light cleaning of the kitchen and bathroom. It... was so easy to use, and did such a great job, we started using it on our floors. In late Feb. with the outbreak of COVID-19, I asked Dave to give me numbers for how well it really cleans. He came in (to my clinic) and showed me how to use the testing strips, and I was blown away at the results. Since March we have exclusively used Simix to clean all aspects of our clinic, floors, doorhandles, lightswitches, bathrooms (everything), countertops, and tables. With the results from the independent lab, we have begun using it for our sheets, it leaves them extremely clean, and hasn't faded the colors. I recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a high quality, effective product for cleaning and disinfecting. Dave's customer service is the biggest key, when I have had questions or doubts that this product would allow me to keep my clients and staff safe, he came with information. When I got overzealous with my mixing, he explained why its important to follow the directions, and when I was nervous, he calmed me with facts. Thank you!read more
Donald Edgar
Donald Edgar
00:00 15 Sep 20
This product is by far the best I've ever applied on my motorcycle. It's so easy to apply and leaves a verry clean... shine. I have no problems washing my bike, it just takes a wet microfiber cloth and some water to remove all the bug and road grime. I'd highly recommend this product for all more
Andrew Bare
Andrew Bare
18:44 31 Aug 20
I use this Simix for all of the floor spaces at the Elks Lodge #594 and CBO Event Center in our bar, restaurant, and... event center. There is no other product that can do what Simix has done for us. The "Photo-catalytic Oxidation Technology" that the product uses is leaps and bounds better than any other product we've used, especially in our restrooms. I would highly recommend the product to any restaurant, bar, event center, or any general business who is looking for a product that will help them cut costs while maintaining an exceptional more
Brandon Banks
Brandon Banks
15:15 31 Aug 20
I've been impressed with the Simix Cleaning Solution. We have used it on countertops and in our laundry machine to... remove tougher stains and oils that won't come out with a normal wash. It WORKED!read more
Sarah Bohl
Sarah Bohl
14:42 31 Aug 20
Our cleaning company LOVES Simix! It's allowed us to safely (and eco-consciously) clean our client's homes while also... cutting down on plastic use. We started using Simix before COVID-19, and it was such a huge relief to us and our clients that this product kills over 99% of SARS-COV-2 and all the other flu viruses as well! Also, Dave Griggs is the nicest person around. Highly recommend!read more
Lance Hall
Lance Hall
13:34 31 Aug 20
DGE-SIMIX is an unbelievable product. We have used it to clean and sanitize surfaces, clean clothes, use in the kitchen... to clean broiler pans as well as other items. When Dave says you can use it anywhere it is true and when you calculate the cost it is even better for a half or full scoop added with some water it goes a LOOOONG wayread more
Braden Tyrer
Braden Tyrer
13:12 31 Aug 20
I've used DGE's simix products for the past two years and have gotten reliably soild results. The ceramic coating is... perfect for boat gelcoat and we also use it on snow removal equipment to fight corrosion. All in all, the products are very cost effective. Dave is a knowledgeable resource on how to use them! I recommend Simix to anyone looking for a better option in cleaning or more
Kristen Shay
Kristen Shay
23:52 30 Aug 20
I love Simix! I use it to clean and sanitize all the surfaces in my home. There are no streaks and no odor. I’ve even... used it I my laundry to overcome oil stains. It has helped my office furniture from wear and tear between each cleaning (multiple times a day). I love this product!read more
Al Belcher
Al Belcher
20:30 22 Jun 20
Excellent product, cleans everything and keeps it clean! And its Soooo much cheaper than other products that aren't as... goodread more
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