Simix Cleaners, Degreasers, and Sealants

Clean Safe and Sanitized Surfaces

Simix Cleaners, Degreasers, and Sealants prevent viruses and germs from sticking around.  
Simix-treated surfaces stay clean, day in and day out, to keep you safe.
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Simix Stops the spread of Viruses and Germs

​Simix fights and destroys coronaviruses and norovirus by sanitizing surfaces and leaving a safe, permanent, high pH. A surface with a high pH is hostile to microbes and viruses.

Stop the Spread with Simix

Traditional liquid cleaners leave a sticky residue that becomes a feeding ground for bacteria and germs. Backpacks, purses, and other items that hit the floor pick up viruses and spread them around.

Simix can break this chain of infection, and keep staff, customers, patients, and students safe.​​
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simix multi-surface kitchen degreaser

Simix Multi-Surface Kitchen Degreaser

Simix Multi-Surface Kitchen Degreaser cleans virtually any surface, from floors to walls to stainless steel and countertops.

Simix Multi-Surface Degreaser leaves behind a safe, sanitized, high pH surfaces that destroys viruses including coronavirus.
Simix Multi-Surface Degreaser is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free.


Save time and money with Simix Ceramic Coatings and Degreaser for virtually all floor types. Simix-coated floors are less slippery and easier to keep clean. Never strip again. Never burnish agian.
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Simix Multi-Surface Kitchen Degreaser is an easy, safe and effective way to clean and sanitize commercial kitchen surfaces. It also helps keep grease traps flowing. Degreaser can be used to clean all interior surfaces.
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Simix will extend the life of your concrete and pavers while fighting grease and oil stains. Simix also helps air conditioners last longer and operate more efficiently. And Simix makes it easy to keep your roof clean.

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Al Belcher
Al Belcher
20:30 22 Jun 20
Excellent product, cleans everything and keeps it clean!
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