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Our NEW Classroom Cleaning Kit has everything you need to clean and sanitize the touchpoints in the classroom or Day Care. Utilizing Simix Cleaner/Degreaser/Sanitizer with the Classroom Cleaning Kit you will easily remove Corona and other viruses from the classroom and other areas.

The kit contains a "charging bucket, a mixing pail, a hand trowel to hold cleaning pads and 24 color-coded microfiber cleaning pads and 24 microfiber cleaning cloths Simply add 3 small scoops of Simix to 1.5 gallons of water, mix well and spread over the microfiber in the "charging bucket". Carefully reapply and seal the lid on the “charging bucket” and turn it upside down for at least 15 minutes to have ready to use, pretreated microfiber products to clean and sanitize virtually every surface in your classroom.

The Classroom Cleaning Kit is compact (24'x12"x12") yet a critical addition! The pads and cloths can be shared if desired and I’d estimate you could clean 12 or more classrooms with each kit. You simply use them, wash them when dirty & dry, recharge as described above and use them again and again saving you time and money while protecting your students, teachers, and staff.
The Kits are special order due to being made to our specs.  Ships FREE!


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